About Gray Matter
Mission & Vision
As an innovative energy trading consulting company, Gray Matter is committed to powering the future of the high-performance computing industry, which includes cryptocurrency mining and beyond. 
Our specialized services target domestic and international entities, from start-ups to established businesses looking to streamline operations or expand into the thriving American market.
At Gray Matter, we offer an array of solutions:
Gray Matter aims to elevate the energy industry trading sector by providing our clients with advanced trading and risk management strategies, such as energy price hedging and capitalizing on market swings. We empower mining operations to adapt and thrive in this volatile market.
Our vision is to be the preferred partner for international energy companies expanding to America. We believe in Ohio's potential as a prime investment location and job creator in the high-performance computing industry. We aim to bolster economic growth in America, especially Ohio, by fostering these investments and opportunities.
Choose Gray Matter as your trusted partner for your journey in the high-performance computing industry. Our expertise and commitment to your success make
us the perfect choice for your business growth.
Contact us:
Energy Trading: We enhance the professionalism of mining operations by applying advanced energy trading strategies and hedging techniques, giving your business the competitive edge it needs in this evolving industry.
Expansion Support: We offer comprehensive support for business expansion to America, handling every aspect of the process from site selection deal negotiations and establishing essential energy agreements. We can facilitate the recruitment of site managers and construction crews to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.
Procurement Services: Our procurement services are second to none. With our team in Shenzhen, we can meet all your ASIC procurement needs, from sourcing to repairing, and ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently.